10 things you could buy instead of ©FUMEBAR refills this month

Tired of spending your hard-earned cash on your fragrance? Fear not, because we've got a list of 10 things you could buy instead of those monthly ©FUMEBAR refills. That's right, for less than £5 a month, you could indulge in some of these everyday pleasures that are (arguably) just as satisfying as a freshly scented car. So sit back, relax, and let's explore the wonderful world of affordable indulgences.


1. A cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop £3.50

Because who needs a fancy car scent when you can have caffeine coursing through your veins?

2. Chocolate bars

For just a fiver you could indulge in a variety of chocolate bars, from classic KitKats to luxury Lindt bars. And the best part? Unlike ©FUMEBAR, chocolate won't just make your car smell good - it'll make your taste buds happy too. So why settle for just a pleasant aroma when you can also treat yourself to a tasty snack?

3. Drivethrough car wash £5

Still not got your sense of smell back after Covid? Skip a ©FUMEBAR refill and treat your ride to a quick car wash instead.

4. M&S meal deal £4.50

Feeling a little fancy but found yourself in a rush? Treat yourself to an M&S meal deal and enjoy a lunch from one of Britain’s finest.

5. Lottery ticket £2.50

Because who knows, you might just win big on the Euromillions this week (although probably not). Just think though, you’d never have to worry about ©FUMEBAR refills again.

6. A pint at your local pub £5

Because sometimes a cold pint is all you need to unwind after a long day.

7. Burger King Whopper £4.99

The juicy patty, crisp lettuce, melted cheese… the tangy sauce - all sandwiched between two fluffy buns. At least, that’s how BK would describe it. It’s a meal fit for a burger-loving king.

8. Vape pods £4.99

Let's face it, vaping can be expensive, but for less than a fiver, you can satisfy that craving for at least a good couple of days before you need to get another.

9. Petrol

With £5 in hand, you should get just over 3 litres of petrol. How far can you go with that amount? Well, that demends - maybe a few school runs, or half way to work. Not bad for a fiver! Let’s just hope it doesn’t all get used up being stuck in traffic.

10. Car park

For the price of a ©FUMEBAR refill, you could park your car for an hour or two in a city centre multi-story. No more rushing back to your car before the parking ticket expires or circling the block for hours trying to find a free spot.

©FUMEBAR refills

So there you have it, folks! 10 things you can buy instead of ©FUMEBAR refills. But let's be honest, is it really worth forgoing the feeling of driving in a freshly scented car?

Why not treat yourself to one of life’s new little luxuries and keep your car smelling great with ©FUMEBAR – after all, you deserve it.


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