Does ©FUMEBAR fit in every car?
It should fit in most cars with standard horizontal vents. Some cars with round fans (e.g. Mini, smaller Audis etc.) may be less suitable for ©FUMEBAR. On some models (like Mercedes) you also can clip it to the windscreen vents, like in this example.

Dimensions: 8cm W x 1.5cm H/D (approx)

Feel free to email us to check if it's suitable for your car 😊

How long does it last?
It really depends on how often you drive and use your air con, but we find most scents last between 3-6 weeks. They diffuse slowly so they tend to diffuse more consistently than your typical car freshener.

Are your fragrances vegan? 
Yup, all our scents are vegan & cruelty free!

How is it different to regular car fresheners?
Think of our scents as perfume for your car – they're gentler (less irritating) and diffuse slower than air freshener, which means they smell great, for longer.

Are the refills messy? 
Unlike car oil diffusers there's no mess or spills with ©FUMEBAR – you just tear open a sachet and pop it in your aluminium bar.

How are you helping the environment? 
©FUMEBAR is made without any plastic and all our packaging's recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

Do you accept returns?
Of course! We have a 30-day return period, so you can check the ©FUMEBAR is suitable for your car after it arrives. Please see our full returns policy for more info.

What's wrong with tree fresheners?
We just prefer the living kind to the ones you hang in your car. That's why we partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every scent refill sold.

Where are you based? 
We design, assemble and package everything by hand, here in the UK.

Have we missed something? Pop us an email and we'll try to answer any questions you've got: hello@fumebar.co.uk